Off and Away – the first few days

So the day arrived, time to leave Sydney and cast ourselves into the trip

After several months of prep you wold imagine the final transition would be easy.  Not so. Behind every cupboard door lurked yet more stuff demanding space in either the car or the trailer.

However finally the show was on the road.

Ready to go
Ready to go

The eagle eyed may spot the 2 bikes on the roof.  Suffice to say there was a quick trip back to storage to get rid of those the next morning; the straw that broke the camel’s back springs to mind.

Bonnie Vale – Thu 12th Feb

This is a lovely little campsite, in the Royal National Park, near Bundeena.  But watch out for the hairy caterpillars, which made an entrance from the tree above us once it was too late to move.

Did I mention the bikes?  A slight snag with Bonnie Vale is Audley Weir.  A hint of rain, the water level rises and the boys in blue sit at either end closing the road.  Never mind the 11o has decent clearance, its one size fits all.  So be prepared to go via Waterfall, that short trip just got longer…

No pics from here, too busy working out how to fit everything back in

Coolendel – Sat 13th / Sun 14th Feb

If you love a bush type camp, but cant do without amenities this place is great.  Wide open spaces, fire pits provided, and a high chance of wombats, kangaroos, lace monitors and any number of birds.

The kids especially enjoy the rapids / jumping from the rocks in the river,

Hils toasting the trip
Hils toasting the trip
The girls enjoying the rapids
The girls enjoying the rapids
Early morning peace
Early morning peace

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