Yeppoon to Hervey Bay – Sun 8th Nov to Thu 12th Nov

Yeppoon to Hervey Bay – Sun 8th Nov to Thu 12th Nov

A departure from the usual here, rather than post a full week and cut Fraser Island into two parts this is a short instalment.  Fraser Island comes next…..

Yeppoon – Sun 8th Nov

During our stay the weather had taken on a predictable pattern, bright and sunny in the morning with storms developing through the afternoon.  Happy to report no-one was washed away despite the torrential rain, although dinner in a damp camp kitchen is not first choice as a fun evening – more to the girls’ concern was the cancellation of the evening film, most disappointed.

Elliott Heads – Mon 9th Nov

Elliott Heads is a small place on the coast just to the south east of Bundaberg. As well as a small, peaceful campsite there is a lovely beach.  Finally far enough south to assume crocs and stingers were no longer a threat – to everyone’s relief.

Mention Bundaberg and rum is probably the first thing which springs to mind.  However we were not there to tour that factory, in an earlier post I think I made my preferences clear and medicinal rum is not among them.

Perhaps less well known than the rum is Bundaberg Ginger Beer, made by Bundaberg Brewed Drinks.  Even less well known is their range of 11 other soft drinks.  Next to the factory they have a visitor centre, in the shape of a huge half barrel, with interactive displays and a tasting bar; nice to have one where you can try everything and still drive!

Eurimbula – Tue 10th to Wed 11th Nov

A couple of hours drive south from Bundaberg a headland juts out northwards, home to the wonderfully named Seventeen Seventy, from Captain Cooks second landing in May 1770.  To the west of the headland is a bay, at the base of which is Eurimbula National Park.

The camping is mainly set back from the beach, apart from a couple of sites right at the end.  Luckily the plum spot was free, amongst the trees overlooking the beach and the creek.  Add in the fire ring and this was a perfect spot to kick back for a few days.  According to the signs it is 4WD only, you could have driven a city car in.

Facing north the site catches the sun during the day, then the sunset as dinner cooks over the fire – fantastic.

Hervey Bay – Thu 12th Nov

Just under two hours south again is Hervey Bay.  Approaching Fraser from the north the ferries depart from River Heads, a few km to the south of here.  Our ferry was, to take account of the tides, early the next day, so Hervey was a convenient overnighter and stock up of supplies.

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