Hervey Bay to Noosa – Fri 20th Nov to Sun 29th Nov

Hervey Bay – Fri 20th to Sun 22nd Nov

 A different campsite this time, at the other end of town and thankfully away from the Esplanade so a great deal quieter.   Hervey Bay Caravan Park appeared to be largely permanent residents, but with a pleasant central area given over passing trade.  After pay showers it was great to get back to just turning on the tap.

No-one could be bothered to cook so late at night, so it was off to the bowls club next door which offers dinner on Thursday and Friday.  The food was fine, but we did feel a bit young watching the members slowly rotate round the dancefloor – definitely no sambas at this venue.

Exploring the Esplanade more fully there is a great water park to keep the kids occupied whilst mum and dad enjoy the coffee shop.  Even better the park is free (sadly not the coffee).  We have seen these free parks all across the top and QLD, makes you wonder why Sydney doesn’t have them.

15-11-22 Hervey Bay

 Noosa – Mon 23rd to Sun 29th Nov

 We had always been keen to see Noosa on the trip and were not disappointed.  The Main Beach end of town has the upmarket shops running along behind the beach, then there are the multitudinous waterways branching off the river and lined with houses and private jetties.  This is definitely a town which enjoys water.

An alternative to the town caravan parks is Noosa North Shore, just a short drive away.  It does need a short ferry crossing, from Tewanton, but is worth the effort.

The campsite nestles behind the dunes and can be roughly divided into small bushland sites and more open areas.  There was plenty of space to make your own spot, ours was just behind the dune in a semi shaded area protected from the wind off the sea.

Just a few paces away was the beach, lovely clear blue water but a place to be careful of the rips.

Facing due east it is a great spot to see the sun rise over the ocean.

With the Whitemans joining us the kids had great fun making their own entertainment on the sand, climbing the trees and wearing themselves out, what the beach holiday is all about.

15-11-26 Noosa North 1

Resident at the site is a family of kangaroos, not the smaller reds of the trip do far but large greys – the male of the group sporting bodybuilder arms and a decent “what are you looking at” stare.

Back in Broome it had been time to say goodbye to our old and battered surfboard (someone wanted it, five minutes after it was put by the bins it had been claimed). Now that we were far enough south that crocs and stingers were no longer on the fatal list it was time to get back on a board, albeit this time a paddle board.

Space is precious when travelling (and indeed when not travelling if home is a Victorian terrace), so an inflatable board is an ideal solution but a bit of a workout pumping it up.  It is definitely easier paddling on Noosa’s endless enclosed waterways than it is on the open ocean………..

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