Borumba to Wivenhoe – Mon 30th Nov to Sat 5th Dec

The last post was missing a rather important trip.  Eumundi is a little village about 30 minutes inland from Noosa.  Its claim to fame is its market, by far the best we have seen in our travels.

There are two markets a week, Wed and Sun.  Sunday is the pick as many stalls don’t open for the Wednesday.  Car parking is simple, although it does cost $5, on a field next to the market – the signs said it is all for charity, there must be some well-funded charities in the area as there were hundreds of cars there.

It is hard to divide the market into segments, there seems to be an eclectic mix of stalls throughout – fabrics, arts, crafts etc.  Generally speaking the prepared food is in the middle, the rest on either side.

It is well worth a visit and an easy place to spend a morning.  At the stall selling fresh pressed sugar cane juice the girls thought I was mad when I said you can chew the cane – until they tasted how sweet it was.

 Borumba – Mon 30th Nov to Tue 1st Dec

 Borumba is a deer park near the village of the same name, about 45km inland from Noosa.  On a bend in the river it has an idyllic spot, and according to Wikicamps the deer wander through the campsite in the morning.

They would have to be good at climbing fences to do so, as they were all penned up whilst we were there.  That may have been due to the Jungle Love festival on Sat / Sun, which reportedly saw a thousand people at the campsite.  There was certainly a lot of cleaning up going on.

Having set up, the weather decided to test us.  With storms developing from the south there was an incredible wind which blew all the loose bark off the trees and swirled it around.  Then came the rain, torrential rain, but an hour later it was all sunshine again albeit a lot more humid.

The river is slow flowing, a safe place for the kids to swim and play on the rope swims, although the water is a little murky in places and the mosquitos can be evil.  A canoe had been discarded by one of the festival goers, providing some fun paddling up and down; but unfortunately too heavy to carry away with us.

Although a lovely location, for the facilities provided the campsite felt overpriced.  It may have been different if the deer had been wandering about, but as just a place to stay it was expensive (although in the covered area it certainly had the quirkiest ceiling ornaments we have seen).

 Beerwah – Wed 2nd to Thu 3rd Dec

 Heading back towards to the coast Beerwah is a small town on Steve Irwin Way.  Yes, time to visit Australia Zoo.  There is not much in the way of camping in this area, however the showground at Beerwah is a great little spot; clean amenities, right next door to the shops and a swimming pool and a powered site for $25 – fantastic value.

Australia Zoo is just to the north, a simple 10 minute drive.  Visiting outside of school holidays was a great time, nothing was crowded and no need to queue.

15-12-03 Aus Zoo 1

There are various add-on experiences over and above the standard entry, like stroking a tiger, petting dingo pups, cuddling koalas etc.  Or you can just wander about and enjoy the exhibits, various keeper talks and of course the crocodile show.

In no particular order:

Cassowaries – finally in the flesh!  Just a shame it was in a zoo not when we were up on Cape York.  Actually, for birds with a naturally large range their pens seemed rather small.

Dingo Pups – there were 3, but this one seemed the most inquisitive, climbing up onto a rock to survey the area.

Aldebaran Tortoises – slow moving, but very interesting.  According to the keeper their shells are touch sensitive, so they enjoy a good back scratch.  Also new to us was that mating is dangerous, if the male falls off onto his back that’s the end of him as he cannot right himself, so a large part of the keeper’s job is picking up the failed suitor.

Water Dragons – not specifically an exhibit, these are everywhere in the park, sunning themselves and scuttling around.

Crocodiles – the zoo has freshwater, saltwater and also alligators.  The saltwater crocs provide the excitement, be it in the amphitheatre like crocoseum or around one of the holding ponds.  You have to hand it to the keepers, taunting a 4 metre croc by stamping in the water then flicking a chicken across its nose.  Apparently a human can outrun a croc on land, not a test I’m keen to take up anytime soon.


Echidnas can be observed in their enclosures.  However for the full experience you can pay to feed them.  Rather spiky creatures so not the easiest to stroke (their spines will puncture a car tyre), but will sit happily and lick from your fingers a mush of mince, insects and other stuff.  Very cute but plenty of handwash needed afterwards.

All up there is plenty to keep you amused for the day, and for a couple of dollars on the entrance you can visit the animal hospital.  What you see depends on whatever medical emergency is occurring at the time; this time they were prepping a koala for surgery on a broken arm.

Captain Logan’s (Wivenhoe) – Fri 4th to Sat 5th Dec

Captain Logan’s is located on the shores of Lake Wivenhoe, just outside of Wivenhoe Hill.  One of a pair of adjacent sites, the other is Lumley Hill.

With close proximity to Brisbane, and being a weekend we expected it to be full, indeed Lumley Hill was booked out.  However whilst busy it was very peaceful; it helps the sites are staggered to maximise the view.

Located on a headland sticking out into the lake, the pick of the sites are right on the end – this is where Lumley Hill loses out as the end of the headland is day use.  We were fortunate to get a spot pretty much by the water’s edge.

The lake is a great place for paddling about, the stand-up board had plenty of use.  Other campers had surf skis, canoes, fishing kayaks etc. all enjoying the lake.  Some great sunsets too.

2 thoughts on “Borumba to Wivenhoe – Mon 30th Nov to Sat 5th Dec

  1. Sears December 28, 2015 / 10:04

    Tell you what – I don’t miss camping in bad weather!!!! Hope you all had a great Xmas and that this bad weather we are having in Sydney hasn’t reached you at south west?? Look forward to catching up with you all again soon in Sydney x


    • December 28, 2015 / 18:36

      Unfortunately the wet weather dogged us at South West Rocks – high winds and heavy rain most of the time. However Christmas day was lovely and sunny, so can’t complain. Now at Seal Rocks, weather has picked up but the water temp has dropped 5 degrees!


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