Seal Rocks – Sat 26th Dec to Sat 16th Jan

So the final stop on the journey.

Seal Rocks is about 25km south of Forster, 3.5hrs north of Sydney and 10km down a dead end road from Bungwahl.  There are a few options for camping here.  Driving in the first is on the right over the road from the beach, a North Coast Holiday Parks site; the second is Treachery Camp, a few km further on and then Yagon, a national park site.

For a number of years we have stayed at the North Coast site, run by Steve and Katrina the very helpful and friendly managers.  It’s the kind of place you rebook before you leave, a very popular place and part of its charm is the number of people who return year on year.

No.1 beach, over the road, is well sheltered and gently shelving; perfect for the kids to mess around in the water, but still gets enough of a swell to make it interesting at times, and keep the surfers happy off the point.

Again the weather provided some extremes.  Of our three weeks, two were fantastic, the middle week was somewhat challenging with high winds and over 350mm of rain.  We counted half a dozen gazebos in bits, ditto a couple of tents – those fibreglass poles only bend so far….

By the end of the week the site was half empty as people bailed out; but with the awning up over the trailer, plus one of the side walls, we sat things out without drama (with a few trips to Forster to the cinema to keep the girls distracted).

Not so lucky was the yacht heading along the coast before the weather drove it onto Yagon Beach.  From the Rolex sticker on its bow presumably it had been part of the Sydney-Hobart just a few weeks earlier.  Supposedly they were going to take the keel and rudder off before dragging it up the beach away from the waves.


After a fantastic few weeks with friends our big lap had come to end, time to return to Sydney and settle back into a more regular lifestyle.

That brings us to the end of the trip.  The next post will cover highlights and reflections of a fantastic year.

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