Turon Gates

The big trip may have finished, but that is no reason to sit at home and watch tv (although the girls wouldn’t complain….)

Instead we are going to be exploring some of the beautiful places around the Sydney area, and perhaps sometimes a little further afield.

Turon Gates is a privately owned campsite on the inland side of the Blue Mountains, around 30-45 minutes west of Lithgow.  Driving from Sydney the most direct route is the Great Western Highway via Blackheath; more scenic is Bells Line of Road – there are some fine spots to stop for a picnic lunch looking out onto the escarpments.  Less enticing are the roadside stops.

To get to Turon Gates it is a left turn onto a dirt road just past the little village of Capertee. Along the way to Capertee you start to get a feel for how important coal is to this area, with mines and power stations on either side of the road.

Turon Gates itself lies in a valley alongside the Turon river.  On the way in there are cabins tucked into the trees, then at the back of the property is a grassed camping area on the edge of the river.  The camp area is on several different levels, pick of them is right down by the riverside, which is also the only spot where there is shade.  Along with various birds the river is also home to platypus.

We had originally planned to stay here over Easter, but were advised against by the owner.  You have to respect his honesty, I’d said we preferred peace and he knew Easter would be busy.  Makes a change from some places that just want your $ regardless.

As it was there were 2 other groups on the Friday night, with 2 more arriving on Saturday, so there was plenty of space for everyone and nothing to disturb the peace and quiet.

As well as bird watching and walking a drawcard is the horse riding.   Aside from Glenworth Valley this is one of the few places we have found where Charlotte is able to head off with a leader for a trail ride.   It’s a shame that so many places only allow younger riders to be led around on a rope.  The horses are often left to graze in the camping area, wonderful to see, but make sure not to leave any food out,

With hot showers, flush toilets and a beautiful location this is a great spot for a relaxing weekend (or more).


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