Jindabyne – 22nd to 24th April

A venture further afield, and a revisit of an early stop on our lap around Australia.  Only this time we had company; Jason, Amie, Maddie and their new camper trailer.

Also joining for the Saturday night were Chris, Rachael, Esther, Felicity and Rhiannon. Unfortunately Bonnie had ballet exam practise, so she and Hils could not make the trip.

For many Jindabyne may just be a gateway to the skiing, seen only in the cold of winter, which is a shame as it has more to offer than that.  Being autumn many of the trees were turning glorious shades of red and gold; the poplars especially were beautiful.

Jindabyne Holiday Park is conveniently located in the middle of town, just opposite the main shopping area and right on the lake shore.  With a slightly elevated position the views across the lake to the national park are outstanding.  The morning mist just added to the magic.

The name Jindabyne is derived from an aboriginal word for valley, and the original town was lower in the valley, beneath what is now the lake.  In the 1960’s the town was relocated to its present position, when the Snowy River was dammed.  When the water levels are low glimpses of the Old Jindabyne can apparently be had, particularly the top of the church

17-04-22 Jindabyne 1The facilities were certainly a step up from the Easter excursion; hot showers, tv room, kitchen with heat lamps and even a pizza oven, which served to make make some cracking garlic pizzas to go with the bolgnaise & chilli (thanks Rachael).

Whats Up Downunder happened to be filming whilst we were there; who knows, in a few weeks the girls may be on TV…..

Apart from relaxing by the lake (another time we will bring the paddle boards) the main aim of the trip was to climb Mt Kosciuszko.  At 2,228m this is the highest mountain in Australia.

Despite the height it is not a difficult walk; from Thredbo at 1,375m you can take a chairlift to Eagles Nest at 1,937m.  From there it is a 6.5km boardwalk to the top of Kosciuszko.  It is also certainly not a lonely walk, a constant stream of people going up or down.  Despite that the views are awesome, if a little desolate

Coming back down is strange experience, the first time I have come down a mountain in a chair lift, it looks an awful lot higher from the ground that going up.  A decent view of Thredbo though.

17-04-23 Thredbo 2

Sharing the mountain with the walkers were dozens of mountain bikers, definitely something for the next trip; the idea of catching the chair with your bike and doing nothing but descending has a certain attraction!

Another great trip, made all the better by stopping over in Canberra with Chris & Rachael on the way back and heading to the ANZAC dawn service on the Tuesday morning.

Coorongooba – Easter 2017

Long weekends have always been an excellent reason to stay in Sydney.  Half the population leaves and suddenly its easy to get anywhere, get a park at the beach or a table at the cafe.  Oh, and no sitting in a 5hr queue on the motorway.

So time to break the habit, and what better reason than a few days camping with friends.

Coorongooba is in Wollemi national park, about an hour out of Lithgow.  Head towards Mudgee and turn left at Capertee in the direction of Glen Davis.  Its an easy drive in, but after some rain would be pretty slippery.

Fifty Toes Walkabout had headed up on the Thursday night, and lucky for us they had otherwise there may not have been room for everyone.  Being a national park site it is first come, first served, and being Easter the campsite was packed.  It being free to camp may have also contributed to the crowds.

On any another weekend there probably wouldn’t be more than a handful of cars here, now there must have been over a hundred.  With only 2 long drops the morning queues were amusing to watch, 10 deep for hours, certainly no danger of getting a cold seat…..

Along one edge of the campsite runs the Capertee River, not that deep right now but with some swimming holes to keep the kids amused – a bit chilly though.  On either side the site is nestled between sheer cliffs, which catch the evening sun in striking red shades.


It wouldn’t be a weekend away without a bit of dirt on the wheels.  Just up the road is the Ben Bullen trail through Baal Bone Gap.  It is a beautiful drive along the ridgetops and down through the valleys between.  The crux is an off camber stone slab, I’m told it is not too bad with decent wheel placement but that was something for another day.  The dirt bikes behind us seemed to have no problem though.

All in all a fantastic weekend.

Turon Gates – 1st & 2nd April

I’ve written about Turon Gates before, a wonderful place nestled in the bush.  Also a great place to head away for the weekend with Charlotte, who loves the horse riding.

The horses were in the back paddock camping when we got there, and even better there were more of them than other campers so we could really enjoy the peace and quiet.

As well as the horse riding there is plenty of bush walking available, just behind the campsite is the start of Devils Climb.  It is very steep, but worth it for the views back down.

With all the exercise in the day it was time to enjoy a relaxing evening with dinner over the fire.

Spotted on the drive home, this has to be best pub courtesy bus ever