I suspect most people, in a quiet moment, think “wouldn’t it be nice”.  We certainly were in that camp.  Ever since moving out from the UK making a lap of this great big country was a tempting thought.  However as time passes, and obligations are acquired; the passing thought remains just that.

So when after nearly 20 years with my employer we went our separate ways, it was time to look at what we wanted to do in the near term.

Perhaps it was fate.  We had just bought the 110 and the girls are old enough to remember the trip but not yet in high school.  Whatever it was it was time to take  the plunge, seize the thought and make it real.

So here we are, a family of 5, in a Landrover, heading around oz

Thats me on the left.  On the right, from L to R, Charlotte, Hils, Bonnie and Pippa

15-06-24 Bungles 10 15-06-25 Wolfe Creek 2

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