Coorongooba – Easter 2017

Long weekends have always been an excellent reason to stay in Sydney.  Half the population leaves and suddenly its easy to get anywhere, get a park at the beach or a table at the cafe.  Oh, and no sitting in a 5hr queue on the motorway.

So time to break the habit, and what better reason than a few days camping with friends.

Coorongooba is in Wollemi national park, about an hour out of Lithgow.  Head towards Mudgee and turn left at Capertee in the direction of Glen Davis.  Its an easy drive in, but after some rain would be pretty slippery.

Fifty Toes Walkabout had headed up on the Thursday night, and lucky for us they had otherwise there may not have been room for everyone.  Being a national park site it is first come, first served, and being Easter the campsite was packed.  It being free to camp may have also contributed to the crowds.

On any another weekend there probably wouldn’t be more than a handful of cars here, now there must have been over a hundred.  With only 2 long drops the morning queues were amusing to watch, 10 deep for hours, certainly no danger of getting a cold seat…..

Along one edge of the campsite runs the Capertee River, not that deep right now but with some swimming holes to keep the kids amused – a bit chilly though.  On either side the site is nestled between sheer cliffs, which catch the evening sun in striking red shades.


It wouldn’t be a weekend away without a bit of dirt on the wheels.  Just up the road is the Ben Bullen trail through Baal Bone Gap.  It is a beautiful drive along the ridgetops and down through the valleys between.  The crux is an off camber stone slab, I’m told it is not too bad with decent wheel placement but that was something for another day.  The dirt bikes behind us seemed to have no problem though.

All in all a fantastic weekend.