Turon Gates – Friday 20th to Sun 22nd July

Last time I wrote about this place it was to say how lovely and quiet it was.  Between that visit and this time, we camped at Turon over the Queen’s birthday weekend – never again over a long weekend.  Despite a wet forecast it was packed with all the usual disturbance of large groups.

Enough moaning, this time normal conditions resumed, just us and a handful of others listening to the sound of silence plus the odd Kookaburra.

We have always planned to complete the Devils Climb walk, but always something has taken up the time.  So this time no excuses.  It is basically a loop out from the campsite, climbing up then along a ridge, before dropping into the next valley and following the river home.

The sign and the start do not inspire confidence.  “Difficult” and a steep climb to get the heart going – although it’s a birds-eye view of the campsite from the top of steepest bit

The trail along the top is fairly easy; a broad track, wide enough to be driven, gently undulating along the ridge.  However, the view is nothing special – the typical Australian bush lookout, nothing but trees.

After a few km it is a left turn to descend into the river valley, which is a knee burner on a loose surface.  But it is worth it for the walk along the river to return.  The path crosses the river a few times, and in places runs along a stone embankment which is presumably part of the mining history of the area.  I am not sure the crossings would be possible if the river was up but easy enough now.

All in all it was about 10km, and took just under the 4hrs with plenty of rest stops.  Its not one for anyone with mobility problems, but if you are reasonably fit it is an enjoyable walk.  Although that didn’t stop Charlotte having a sleep after, before a good fire and a slow cooked stew in the camp oven to ensure an early night.

July inland tends to be cold.  OK, not eskimo cold and no elk to hunt, but cold enough.  After all, if there was frost in the east of Sydney they would think the world was ending.  So -5 the next morning was pushing things a bit!  Ice on the river and ice on the swags.  First order of the day, second order a good breakfast (although the oil solidifying was a challenge)

Turon Gates – Friday 23rd to Sun 25th Mar

If you have been reading these posts for a while you might recognise this place; I’ve written about it a few times before.  With its combination of relaxed camping plus great horse riding, all in a pretty setting, it’s a place to visit more than once, or twice…..

To recap, Turon Gates is on the bank of the Turon River about 20 minutes from the village of Capertee and 3 hours from Sydney.  Only the last section is unsealed, and a 4wd is probably only needed if towing something heavy or the weather is bad.

Charlotte had been studying hard, so this was her reward.  A weekend with just the two of us, and horse riding both days for her.

Being the weekend before Easter it was quiet, just us and one other group in the back paddock.  We set up right next to the river; just swags this time.

After the noise at Yadboro over Australia day, it was heaven to be able to sit and just listen to the wind in the trees, or the sheep grazing along the banks of the river, or the kangaroos hopping across each morning, or the geese paddling past.

Charlotte had 2 hours of riding booked each morning, and on the Saturday we planned to also complete the Devils Climb walk.  This is a loop walk which should take around 3-4 hours; its hard but not as bad as the Castle at Yadboro.  However, it remains to be done.  After her ride, she spent the rest of a happy day looking after the horses

That’s about the sum of the weekend, it is a very easy place to just relax



Turon Gates – 1st & 2nd April

I’ve written about Turon Gates before, a wonderful place nestled in the bush.  Also a great place to head away for the weekend with Charlotte, who loves the horse riding.

The horses were in the back paddock camping when we got there, and even better there were more of them than other campers so we could really enjoy the peace and quiet.

As well as the horse riding there is plenty of bush walking available, just behind the campsite is the start of Devils Climb.  It is very steep, but worth it for the views back down.

With all the exercise in the day it was time to enjoy a relaxing evening with dinner over the fire.

Spotted on the drive home, this has to be best pub courtesy bus ever