The 110

What can I say about the vehicle, its an icon of British motoring.

Ours is a 2013 model.  So it has air conditioning, and noise levels which allow a conversation above 80kph.

Suspension and drive train is stock, as it came from the factory, no modifications.  A few things have however been added:

– sideways bench seats in the back, so we have 9 (legal) seats

– leisure battery, with 12v plugs in the back / anderson plug for trailer

– electric brake controller

– towbar

– roof rack and side awning

A big thank you to Daniel at the Expedition Centre (link) for fitting some of these and especially for sorting out the engineering challenges thrown up by the bench seats, I must admit I was not expecting to have a 110 with 3 child seat restraint points.

Sadly the Defender is coming to the end of its innings, with 2015 seemingly the last year of production.  Will its replacement be as good? Lets see if its still going in 50 years……..

The Bench Seats

I have been asked what the seats look like in the back of the 110.  This is them at the end of the trip, so a bit dusty but nothing a spot of detailing won’t sort out.  The leg room between them is OK, not luxurious, with just over 70cm between the seats.


6 thoughts on “The 110

  1. Martin August 8, 2015 / 09:25

    Dear Family Steel.
    What an amazing blog! we are all so jealous here in the UK.
    It looks like you are having an amazing time.
    Stay safe and hopefully see you 2016
    Martin & Sarah


  2. Assad Badran February 29, 2016 / 12:05

    I have a Defender 90 and looking to fit bench seats, any chance of some photos and if the seats can be sourced in OZ or only UK. What is the width of the space between the seat (Need to fit a fridge that’s 455mm wide).


    • March 1, 2016 / 20:19


      The seats came from Exmoor Trim in the UK. I am not aware of anywhere in Aus which sells them new. You might pick up some second hand if you hunt around. They will ship to Aus but its costly, I picked them up when I was in the UK and brought them back.

      Will try to get some photos, but probably not until the weekend.

      NB – we had to get the seats signed off by an engineer. The other problem was it converted the 110 to a passenger vehicle which meant we had to fit child seat restraints, which involved a 50mm steel pipe shaped to fit above the back door, to which the seats attached, and again signed off by the engineer. You may be OK if your 90 is older, from when the bench seats were an option from LR, as I believe there is grandfathering under the Australian Design Rules.

      Daniel at the Expedition Centre did the fitting, and also sorted the restraint points. He did a great job.


      • Assad March 3, 2016 / 22:02

        Thanks Simon,

        The defender 90 is a 2014 model. Weekend is fine for the photos. Are you able to measure the distance between the seats in the middle?


  3. Max Thomas December 6, 2016 / 13:39

    Hello guys,
    I have recently found your blog via AULRO. It is nice to see some other Landy’s travelling around Australia and I have enjoyed reading through your blogs. Love the photos and stories that go with them. Keep up the good work!
    We are about to set off on a trip around Australia in our 110, check out our blog if you get time

    Max Thomas


    • July 15, 2017 / 23:51

      I see you guys are om the road now, hope you are having a fantastic time. Cant think of a better vehicle than a Landy to go touring in.


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